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Vision Nutri-Smart 4-0-10+Fe+Ca

Vision Nutri-Smart 4-0-10+Fe+Ca

Vision Nutri-Smart 4-0-10+11%Fe+4.7CaO+RSi+Amino+Lig+Te


Vision Nutri-Smart is a range of complex, high performance fineturf granular fertilisers.  Nutri-Smart is a combination of conventional release fertiliser with the addition of lignite, trace elements, RSi humic and amino acids. These have been added to provide smart nutrition and a healthy plant with extra resilience during periods of stress.  All these nutrients have been formulated into a homogenous 1-2mm micro granule, ensuring that every granule contains the same analysis and provides a uniform application and result.


  • Advanced longevity and colour up to eight weeks
  • Increased nutrient performance
  • Improved stress resistance and aids recovery
  • Contains RSi to improve root and shoot mass
  • Stimulates microbial activity and increases plant stress performance
  • Boosts available CEC for enhanced longevity and improves nutrient uptake
  • Contains the necessary trace elements for healthy turf
  • Prevents trace element deficiency
  • Increases chlorophyll concentration leading to improved photosynthesis
  • Will not produce growth flushes when applied
  • Dust-free micro granules for an accurate application


RSi (Root Stimulant and Improver)

A natural complex carbon organic chelator and microbial stimulator. RSi contains a high percentage of humic acid, which improves the plant's ability to take up vital nutrients. RSi will encourage deeper rooting and will stimulate
microbial activity. It also contains a wide range of natural trace elements to help maintain levels in the rootzone. 

Amino Acids

Amino acids are required to produce a healthy plant and encourage deeper rooting. During times of stress e.g. heavy rainfall, anaerobic soil conditions, compacted soil, high salinity, frost, cold, heat and drought, there is a greater demand for amino acids. The addition of supplemental amino acids (L-Form) to the Nutri-Smart range of fertilisers help alleviate turf stress and provide a healthier, stronger plant.

Trace Element Package (Te)

A combination of all the necessary micro nutrients required for healthy turf has been added, including zinc, copper and manganese. This provides increased leaf strength, improved rooting and an improved plant metabolism.

Lignite (Lig)

Lignite contains over 13 trace elements, humic and fluvic acids, which give support for microbial activity. Lignite also provides a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) when compared to many soil amendments. It allows nutrients to be held for longer periods of time in the soil, enabling them to be fully utilised by the plant, therefore reducing loss by leaching.

  • Deters moss while strengthening the plant against disease
  • Iron and Lignite will give improved colour over a longer period of time
  • Designed to sustain turf health in the early and late season
  • Amino acid will hasten turf response in cooler temperatures


Nutrient applied at                         

                                30g/m2 N - 12    P - 0       K - 30 Kg/Ha

                                35g/m2 N - 14    P - 0       K - 35 Kg/Ha

N breakdown    75% Ammoniacal / 25% Ureic 

Pack size              20Kg

Application rate 30 - 35 g/m2

Pack Coverage  571 - 666m2

Suggested period of use: Sep - Apr