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Reward CRF 17-7-12+1%Fe+3MgO (3-4 Month)

Reward CRF 17-7-12+1%Fe+3MgO (3-4 Month)
Reward CRF 17-7-12+1%Fe+3%MgO (3-4 Month)

A controlled release fertiliser formulated for quality turf with a fine 1-2mm granulation.


This 3-4 month fertiliser has been developed to efficiently feed the plant over a prolonged period. It will also help the plant prevent and manage stress conditions associated with todays requirements for quality turf.


A long steady release profile reduces the number of applications required and minimises losses through volatilisation and leaching, to providr both cost and environmental benefits. It will help the sward keep an even colour, playability and health without peaks of excessive growth or nutrient hunger.


These technologies allow for an enhanced efficiency fertiliser that can reduce fertiliser requirements, which is more efficient and economical. Less N lock-off means more of the applied N is taken up and utilized by the plant when required.



  • Unique, durable coating provides gradual consistent N release when needed to optimise nutrient uptake
  • Two longevity ranges 3-4 month & 4-5 months
  • A fine 1-2mm granulation ebables precise spreading with no speckling
  • High level of coated N plus conventional release for a good initial response
  • Fewer applications save time and make it a long term economical option




Reward CRF 17-7-12+1%Fe+3%MgO (3-4 Month)

  • Ideal for anytime between spring and autumn
  • Contains magnesium and iron, which improve turf health and colour
  • Balanced NPK formulation
  • Less product is lost to leaching and volatilization, reducing environmental impact


Nutrient applied at                                         

                                25g/m2 N - 42.5                P - 17.5                K - 40 Kg/Ha

                                30g/m2 N - 51    P - 21     K - 48 Kg/Ha

                                35g/m2 N - 59.5               P - 24.5                K - 56 Kg/Ha

Coated N %         45% 

Pack size              20Kg

Application rate 25 - 35 g/m2

Pack Coverage  571 - 800m2

Suggested period of use: Mar - Oct



Reward CRF 17-7-12+1%Fe+3MgO (3-4 Month) Discounts Available.

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